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🔥5 Winners ~ R ECnGOLTD Facebook Live Session + Giveaway🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁

🕙10 pm UTC+8 / 7.30 pm IST / 9 am EST / 3pm CET

 📅 Tuesday, 14 February 2022

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I would host the CEO and Co-founderof RECnGO, Gergely Szel. He shall showcase how you can cost-effectively create professional live or recorded videos from multiple camera angles by connecting your smart devices (smartphones or tablets, iOS or Android) into a streaming chain. 

✅Five giveaway prizes to be won

x1 Plan A (Basic) LTD ($49/lifetime)
x1 Plan A (Basic) LTD ($49/lifetime)
x1 Plan A (Basic) LTD ($49/lifetime)
x1 Plan A (Basic) LTD ($49/lifetime)
x1 Plan B (Premium) LTD ($97/lifetime)


✅You must be present during this Facebook live in order to stand a chance to win the giveaway

✅Kindly comment I 💘 RECnGO with a GIF to confirm your intention to attend the FB live session.

✅Please participate in the live session to understand the product and get your queries clarified from RECnGO team.

✅Please give permission to to display your profile and name during the live session, when you post a comment or query by going to the following link

✅This will help in ensuring that you are part of the giveaway. In case your name and profile are not displayed, please comment with your name.

✅The giveaway would be announced during the session and will need to be accepted by being present during the live session, else it would be forfeited.


⭕What is RECnGO?

  • RECnGO is a mobile pro video production studio for mobile devices (iOS, Android, Huawei)
  • Livestream like a pro and make jaw-dropping video productions even if you run a solo business doing everything yourself with RECnGO

Just use the phones and tablets (iOS & Android!) you already have:

  • Insert logos, speaker names, and other visuals during your live stream
  • Use up to 12 devices and camera angles
  • Adjust and balance the sound for each device independently from the audio mixer
  • Switch between the front and back cameras without walking up to the device
  • Adjust the white balance on the individual cameras
  • Turn the flash on and off independently for each device
  • Zoom in and out on the individual cameras
  • Record your production and save it on your local device
  • Orchestrate your entire production from inside the intuitive studio app while sitting down at the back of the room with a coffee


✅Pro video production studio that fits on your mobile phone/iPad/tablets

✅ Make broadcast-quality live streaming as easy as picking up the phone to call someone
✅ Alternative to: OBS
✅ Collect unlimited audio responses, edit podcasts, and export audio in high-quality, industry-standard formats
✅ Best for: content creators, small businesses, videographers

✅ Integrations: Facebook Live, Youtube Live

⭕Deal Terms ($49/lifetime - deal not stackable)

  • Use with your iOS & Android devices (phones/iPads/tablets)
  • Livestream to social media (Facebook, YouTube, Twitch & RTMP) with a simple tap
  • Avoid unexpected bills for streaming -- serverless solution
  • Record in broadcast-quality
  • 12 camera angles/devices for a seamless streaming experience (*same WiFi/shared 4/5G)
  • Edit your stream live (switch camera angles, manage sound, etc)
  • Add visual inserts during streams, e.g. graphics, logos, video, audio & text
  • Choose from 6 different transition & fading effects
  • Adjust or mute the sound on the individual devices independently from the studio device
  • Save your production on the local device(s) or in the cloud
  • Automatic bitrate balancing provide a 10-sec buffer
  • Automatic bitrate balancing takes care of data flow from you external cameras (in nearby rooms)
  • Watch the app's guided tour on demand when you need to remind yourself of key features

⭕Useful Links😇

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✅ Download the RECnGO studio app for FREE in App Store and Google Play

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